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"Service to Human is Service to God". We are very glad to share few words about our institution. Sukrutha College of Pharmacy have been started in the year 2017 under the trust named Sukrutha Vidya Samsthe ®. sukrutha is a Pioneering educational institute with an impeccable track which is established with the aims to provide Quality Professional Education and comprehensive Nursing care to clients.

sukrutha campus is located in the heart of Bengaluru city just 16 kms away from Majestic (bus stand) and city Railway station. On National highway leading to Bengaluru International Airport.Our Institution is recognized by the concerned apex bodies such as Drugs control department Board of examining authority (D. Pharmacy),Pharmacy council of India, New Delhi. Knowledge is the greatest sources of intelligence given to the students through our institutions. So we are very happy to invite you to join in our family & benefit with enriched knowledge & skills of Pharmacy.

our Facilities



Laboratories Facilities

Sukrutha College of Pharmacy is well equipped with laboratories and equipment to give the students hands on training in the field of pharmacy.


Pharmacy Education

Pharmacy Education aims to provide a forum for communication between academic teachers and practitioners, with an emphasis on new and established teaching and learning methods.


Training and Research

We have training and research facility so that we can provide quality education to the students. The training and research in pharmaceutical sciences is able to meet the needs of students.


Pharmaceutical Sciences

We provide the students rigorous learning environment so that they can access the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to conduct their research on pharmaceutical sciences.