The Sukrutha College of Pharmacy main building is surrounded by greenery including medicinal plants. The main entrance faces a small garden dedicated for the flag hoisting ceremony. Passage in the entrance is one class room, a seminar hall and two laboratories. Walking through the corridors leads you to the college canteen which is provided with proper seating arrangement for almost 100 people. Canteen provides snacks and lunch.

At the ground floor there are common rooms and toilets for boys and girls. For hassle free movement for the handicap an entry with a ramp has been provided leading to the lift available to reach higher floors. On the ground floor is the, RIA lab, machine room and two more class rooms.

On the ground floor there is the administrative office, chairman’s office, Principal’s office, two class rooms Pharma Analysis labs, Pharmacology labs, Pharmacognosy labs, UChemistry lab, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy labs, instrument room and a tutorial room.

The third floor can be divided in three sections. The first is reserved for the Library. The library itself is divided in four sections. 1) Referencing, 2) Reading 3) Computer room 4) Librarian’s cabin/admin. Details of library can be found at library page.

Class Rooms
The institute has 6 spacious, fully air conditioned classrooms of adequate size and comfortable seating arrangement. All class rooms are equipped with facilities for smooth delivery of lectures using blackboard, overhead projector and computer power point presentations.
Conference Room
The luxurious interiors of the air-conditioned and spacious conference room match with the corporate standards.
Seminar Hall
State of art, well equipped seminar hall is used extensively for seminars, panel discussions & hosting cultural events.
Central Instrument Room
The Central Instrument room has GC, FTIR, High Vacuum Pumps, Centrifuges, Rotary Evaporators and several other instruments to facilitate research activities. Students have become well conversant in using sophisticated analytical instruments like HPLC, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Fluorimeter and Dissolution Rate Testing Apparatus.
College Library
The Central Library is an essential component of the institute's outstanding education and research mission. It is an area where students can place themselves comfortably with the books to seek/enhance information. It is equipped with books and research journals that are aimed to promote conceptual clarity, understanding, innovation and discovery. The Central Library has an area of 1800 sq. ft., with comfortable air condition, reading and reference sections. It is well stocked with more than 5536 books and above 43 journals (both national and international). The library subscribes to 112 international journals through Science Direct- Elsevier & Bentham.

The Library is well equipped with books and journals. There is a spacious reading room. It is open from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The library also has a facility of Home-lending system against reader's tickets and also internet and e-journal facilities for the students.
Computer Laboratory
Our computer laboratory is equipped with computers having internet access available to all students. It is available for use to students for their regular computer practical sessions as well as for preparation of seminars / symposia and presentations. BNCP boasts of an excellent IT infrastructure that supports its pedagogy for out of class learning. The computer lab services the IT needs of the college and is equipped with the state of art servers, computers, laptops, printers and scanners, projectors, modems and other networking peripherals. The entire college has wireless LAN connectivity. The computer lab is also equipped with 12 scientific software and language laboratory tools for training the students. The whole campus has Wi-Fi facility for using internet.
Hostel accommodation cannot be guaranteed to all candidates. Arrangement can be made on priority basis. Candidates seeking hostel accommodation should verify the availability in advance from the institute.
Sukrutha college of Pharmacy having a well systematic canteen. There are six members in the canteen. It occupies a square foot of 2500. The prices of all items are very economic.

Hostel food of both vegetarians & non vegetarians is served to the students as per their preference to North Indian, South Indian & Nepalese style like (Daal, Bhat, Achaar, Tarkari and Roti etc available) & Seasonal Foods.
Facility available
  • All time available.
  • Both veg and non-veg items are available.
  • Good hygienic.
  • Good water supply system.
  • Clean aqua guard water facility.
  • Well lightening system.
  • Music system facility.
  • Watching color TV facility with DTH connection.
  • Separate staff for all time cleaning.
  • Food items are non-spicy.
  • Monthly payment system.
  • Good drainage system.
Reading and Recreation
Magazines of general reading such as India-Today, Wisdom, Health Guide, Nutrition and Health Care, Health for Millions, Nari, Rajadhani (Nepali) etc., and newspapers such as Deccan Herald, Indian Express, Times of India, Vjaya Karnataka and Malayalam Manorama are purchased from the IPA Fund.

The student on rotations will be in-charge of the reading room which is kept open from 4.00 P.m. to 8.00 P.m. every day. Current magazines will be issued for circulation among the students.

The institute provides spacious sports room which includes table tennis, carom boards, chessboard and many other indoor games. There is also an outdoor game facility for throw ball and tennis.

The sports and recreation committee is responsible for organizing and conducting games and sports periodically and participating in State Level and National Level competitions.
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